2016 Convention


NCLTA 2016 Annual Convention

September 15-18, Wild Dunes Resort
Isle of Palms, SC


Carolina Update

The most recent issue of the Carolina Update newsletter issued by the North Carolina Land Title Association.

What is NCLTA?

The North Carolina Land Title Association (NCLTA) provides a forum for the collection, study, and dissemination of information relating to the title insurance industry. In conjunction with its Underwriter, Agent, Attorney, and Associate members, the Association attempts to educate and inform its own membership, the general public, and the Real Property Section of the North Carolina Bar of problems, improvements, and new trends in the delivery of real property legal and title services.

NCLTA was founded in 1977 when the Carolinas Land Title Association split into the North Carolina Land Title Association and the Palmetto (SC) Land Title Association. NCLTA is an Affiliate of the American Land Title Association and an Advisory Organization to the North Carolina Department of Insurance. It is governed by an elected Executive Committee consisting of five officers representing title company members, an Attorney Section representative, and an appointed General Counsel. NCLTA maintains its headquarters in Raleigh, NC.

Are closings the practice of law?

Conducting Real Estate Closings and Obtaining Title Opinions in North Carolina: North Carolina State Statute

Preventing Unauthorized Legal Practice in NC

Among other activities, the following are considered the practice of law in North Carolina:

  • Abstracting and passing upon titles to real estate
  • Preparing or aiding in the preparation of deeds, trusts, wills or other legal documents

FTC-DOJ: Are closings the practice of law?

NCLTA Bylaws

Studying for the title agent licensing exam?

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